Get Vaccinated Before You Travel

While many infectious diseases have been controlled in Australia due to widespread vaccination and other public health measures, this is not the case in many overseas countries.

Travelling can expose us to these diseases and other diseases that do not occur in Australia.


In rare cases these infections can be fatal..


it is important to protect ourselves by making sure that we are vaccinated against diseases we might encounter before travelling overseas.


What Are Travel Vaccinations?

Travel vaccination is a way of protecting ourselves against certain infections by exposing ourselves to small, safe, inactive doses of microbes causing disease. This strengthens our body’s immune system against infection if we encounter the real disease in the future. Vaccination is safe and effective and is especially important when travelling.

Some countries may require you to be vaccinated against some diseases; if you do not have the required vaccinations, you may be refused entry or required to have the necessary vaccination(s) at the border. So talk to your doctor about any vaccines or boosters you may need before you travel.

Our doctors can also advise you on measures which can be taken to avoid infectious diseases while overseas. This might include measures to avoid consuming potentially contaminated water or food, and advice about your medications and your lifestyle while you are travelling.

You need to visit your doctor at least 6 weeks and preferably weeks 8 before you depart to give your immune system time to respond to any vaccination you need, and because some vaccines may need more than one injection.

 What Diseases Should I Be Vaccinated Against?

Health risks within a country can vary from one region to another and over time, and within each country there may be new outbreaks. New vaccines may be available and if a period of time has lapsed since your past vaccinations, you may need boosters. That’s why it’s important you visit your doctor well before your trip to discuss the vaccines you might need.

The doctor will take into account factors such as:

Your age

Where you were born

Your previous vaccinations

Your health, including any past or present illnesses you may have

Your destination(s) and length of stay.



You may need one or more vaccines for diseases such as:

*Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B                 *Cholera

*Typhoid                                                   * Meningococcal disease

*Japanese encephalitis

*Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)       * Influenza (flu)

*Tetanus                                                     *Rabies.

There may be other infections, unique to particular parts of the world, not covered in this list that you need to consider getting vaccinated against. This is another important reason to see a travel medicine expert for specialist advice before you travel.


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